Stop Smoking Service Group and workplace Programme

0800 NO SMOKE (0800 667 665)

We know that quitting is hard, which is why we offer the flexibility of coming to you in your workplace or community location.

Our free group programmes run by quit coaches give you and your team the opportunity to support each other to quit smoking together. The programme runs for seven weeks with sessions lasting 1 hour, and there is additional support available if you need it.

Our programme has been designed to give you the best chance of quitting and staying smoke-free. We’ll help you to cut down on cigarettes, work with you to set a quit date and provide: 

  • Intensive motivational group or one-to-one support
  • Free nicotine replacement therapy products
  • Information about other quit smoking products
  • Workplace and peer support

This service is provided completely free of charge and offers the opportunity for you and your team to kick the habit and enjoy all the health and financial benefits of being Smokefree.